Diary of a Kitchen Remodel

Before the Big Day

With any luck at all, the contractor will arrive on Monday to begin demolition of our existing kitchen and bring it into the 21st century.

We purchased this house six months ago and are now settled enough to be ready to unsettle ourselves with this drastic project.  

What we are starting with:

This is a clockwise view.  Everything will be stripped to the studs and sub-floor.  What we originally thought was just painted-over wallpaper was another layer of wallpaper and below the chair rail wallpaper was paneling.  The wood flooring is going and there is at least one layer of vinyl under that. Also, the desk area, which was originally a pantry back in the day, will be torn out and the wall moved back so I will have an office nook which will be at least 18″ wider and 18″ deeper than it is now.

Tomorrow my new farmhouse sink will be delivered — the first of the large items to be arriving over the next two weeks.